Oh Brother

When my brother and I both used to live in New York City we spent lots of time together. We’d go out to restaurants and talk about our boyfriends and he’d lament the fact that although I may have decent fashion sense otherwise, I can’t choose a bag or a pair of shoes to save my life. Every Christmas he gives me a new pair of high heels and a swank purse yet I still think that a Prada dress goes perfectly fine with a Jansport backpack and some clogs. Or, I guess I don’t really think that but for whatever reason I always seem to wind up making such fashion blunders anyway. I’m accesorslexic.

A couple of years ago Jake moved to L.A. to do famous people’s makeup and I moved to Tokyo to do other less glamorous sorts of things. Since then I’ve only seen him a few times, usually when we’re surrounded by other family members and don’t have much time to talk with each other. Yesterday though, I spent the whole day with my brother and it was great! We went to lunch together where we both developed a crush on our waiter and then off to see Walk the Line.

In the car on the way to see the movie while talking about Jake’s upcoming trip to Tokyo with the Hilton sisters:

Me: So ask me how to say something in Japanese. But not something too difficult… but not too easy either. (I always try to show off by playing this game with people but no one is ever interested and without fail they always quickly become bored. This never deters me however.)

Jake: Um, I don’t know

Me: Oh come on! Ask me! Ask me!

Jake: Ok then… how do you say “Can you recommend a good prostitute for me?”

Me: Oh- Well, I don’t know the word for prostitute but I do know the word for pervert… How about “Who is the best pervert?” I can say that in Japanese…

Jake: Okay thanks

Living in Japan sure has paid off.