Hi. My name is Johanna Bailey and I’m photography and fine art retoucher who also likes to write and draw.

From 2003-2006, I lived in Tokyo where I taught English in a special cram school for Japanese toddlers. I specifically remember the words “smelter” and “Gorgonzola” as being amongst the vocabulary words on one particular lesson plan.

I then spent a year living in Lausanne, Switzerland and although I missed Tokyo a lot, I didn’t miss being called “Sir,” a frequent occurrence in Japan. From 2008-2014 I lived in Spain where I worked as a high-end photo retoucher for post-production agencies in London and New York City. I also drew a lot, went to culinary school and wrote lots of articles about food and cooking.

After many years abroad, I returned home and I’m now living and working in Brooklyn, New York.

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