Kitchen Culture Clash

I know from personal experience that bi-cultural marriages have their challenging moments. Like for example when an American friend of mine who is married to a Spanish guy, horrified her husband when she came home from the supermarket with an enormous jar of Hellmann’s mayonnaise (it was for macaroni and cheese, naturally). They then had a conversation which could only take place between an American wife and her European husband (and please keep in mind that this guy is not even someone who spends much time in the kitchen):

-European Husband: I don’t understand why you bought this!

-American Wife: I needed mayonnaise.

-European Husband: But if you needed mayonnaise, I could have just made some for you!

Later when I told my friend that I was going to write about this on my blog, she reminded me to be sure and include her response to her husband’s offer which was: “I don’t want your bland-ass mayonnaise!”